Vik Folk High School

Wik Folk High School offers aesthetic courses, general courses, and short courses.

The aesthetic and short courses are given at the folk high school next to Wik Castle, next to Lake Mälar and approximately 20 km south-west of Uppsala. The general courses are given at the Uppsala Folk High School branch, which is a day school and is located in Uppsala.

Aesthetic courses

At Wik Folk High School there are four one-year aesthetic courses: music, arts, theatre, and writing. Over the course of a year, you can try out new means of expression, your ideas, and your desires in any one of these courses. They can also serve as a preparatory year if you want to go further to another artistic programme. The school also safeguards the work that crosses the boundaries between subjects. You can either live in the school's dormitory or commute from nearby areas when studying one of the aesthetic programmes. The school's premises are open to students round the clock, and there is plenty of work and socializing to do outside of school time.

General courses

The general courses at the Uppsala Folk High School branch focus on the humanities and the social sciences. Here, you can qualify for study at universities and colleges. The dialogue and interaction between attendees and staff lies at the centre of things, and contributes to knowledge of society and the world while attendees obtain the tools to shape their own lives. The course programmes include aesthetic and physical activities. The school also involves itself in Uppsala's rich cultural offerings. The length of study can vary between one and four years depending on the attendee's goals and prior knowledge.

Short courses

Wik Folk High School has extensive short course activities. Teachers from the aesthetic programmes also hold short aesthetic courses as part of the school's Weekend and Summer Academy.

The school also offers courses for interpreters. There are both longer undergraduate distance-learning programmes (with a number of meetings at the school) and shorter preparatory and in-depth courses. The interpreter courses are under the supervision of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education.

The school also has TSS courses for adults who are deaf or hearing impaired and their families. TSS (Sign Language Support) is built on Swedish but borrows signs from Swedish Sign Language. The courses run over a three-year period and cover a total of 12 meetings. Both the course locations and the hotel have up-to-date auditory equipment.

Lastly, the cooperative courses are given in cooperation with various non-profit organisations. Some common specialisations in the courses are disabilities, health, union work, proficiency in association management, history, and culture. The cooperative courses can thus be about anything from Braille to the wing-beats of history in Uppland.