Uppsala län (County of Uppsala)

Total population

Total population: 341 997

Regional partners

SmartCare beneficiaries
To begin with some of the multi-ill (chronic disease) patients over the age of 20 years old are able to be selected to participate and gain the benefits. Although health and social care professionals in the County of Uppsala. Later on hopefully the solutions and the experiences will spread all over the nation and including even more group of patients.

Further regional partners

At regional level, the county councils in Sweden are responsible for the provision of health and medical care. At local level, the municipalities are legally obliged to meet the social careservice and housing needs for patients. Uppsala County Council consists of more than forty districs of health care centres and doctor´s surgeries, two hospitals (one is an university hospital – Akademiska sjukhuset), five accident and emergency departments including on walk-in centre. Patients with chronic disease have many contacts with both health and social care delivers. Uppsala County Council has also good and developed collaboration with Uppsala University which gives access to new knowledge within the healthcare field. In fact Uppsala County Council sells and provides more care than any other hospital in Sweden.

To meet the challenges which the Swedish care system is facing, a national Center for eHealth (CeHis) in Sweden has been formed. It coordinates and pushes the efforts forward to develop and make all aspects of health and social care more effective. From individual patient care to changes in the entire organization are included. All county councils and municipalities have to collaborate to be run effectively with clear goals from CeHis.

Region profile

Uppsala County (Uppland) is a county or län on the eastern coast of Sweden. It borders the counties of Stockholm, Södermanland, Västmanland, Gävleborg, and the Baltic Sea. Its surface is 6,989 km² and it has a population density of 48 persons/ km².

The language spoken is swedish which is a language related and similar to Danish and Norwegian, but differing in pronunciation. Finnish is the largest minority language. The major part of the people in Uppsala have very little of an obvious dialect. The largest city in Uppsala County is Uppsala and it´s also the oldest university city in Sweden. The university was founded in 1477. It ranks among the best universities in Europe in international rankings.

Uppsala County has from a political point of view, 8 municipalities (picture) .
There are; Heby, Håbo, Knivsta, Enköping, Tierp, Älvkarleby, Östhammar and the chief town Uppsala.

There is plenty of clean water in and around Uppsala län and lake Mälaren offers great swimming and other water or iceadventures. More than thousand years ago vikings and their forefathers lived in this area of Sweden. Some of them made long and well renowned journeys. They left a lot of treasures in the county. There is also well-kept gardens and parks in Uppsala län, for example there is the Linnaeus own garden where spieces are cultivated in accordance with the sexual system. Sweden´s largest and highest (118, 7 metres) cathedral is situated in the centre of Uppsala.