Wik Castle

A modern conference centre in a historic milieu

A scenic environment in a historic atmosphere surrounds Wik Castle, a modern conference centre with fifteen conference and group rooms in various sizes. All the conference and group rooms have broadband connections, and up-to-date AV equipment is available.

There are four hotels at Wik Castle: Ramborg, Anna, And, and Mörner, all named after people who lived in Wik at some point in time. The hotels have 86 beds in 20 single and 33 double rooms. Every room has wireless computer connections.

Wik Castle is unique. It was constructed in the late 1400s and is Sweden's best-preserved medieval castle. Its roots, on the other hand go at least another 200 years back in time. Solid walls and moats made the castle impregnable. In the Middle Ages, the castle was one of the strongest fortresses in the Mälar valley, and Gustav Vasa once besieged it for over a year without getting inside the walls.

Food in focus

At Wik Castle, food and mealtimes are always in focus. Our food is prepared with great care; we use primarily ecologically produced and locally grown ingredients. Healthy vegetarian alternatives are offered at every meal. It's always possible to select seasonal dishes, and you can take your meals in the castle.

A place for both work and relaxation

Wik Castle is beautifully situated on an inlet in Lake Mälar. In the castle's well-cared for garden you can follow the seasonal variations; there is also an extensive nature park full of a variety of things to see and experience. Wik Park has good accessibility with footpaths that are suited for everyone, including people in wheelchairs. There is also a pier for large boats.

Wik has many opportunities for recreation. Conference guests can find out about a range of different activities such as cooking in the castle kitchen, ice sculpting, fire-walking, bathing in an outdoor hot tub and team competitions of different types.

Alongside the castle stands the Stone House from 1751, where the hotel reception office is located. Apart from the first-rate conference facilities and courses, there is also a spacious sauna with a view of Lårstaviken. Or you can relax in the castle bar in the evening. On clear nights, borrow the castle's telescope to look out into the infinite reaches of space.

Wik Castle is right out of a fairy tale with towers and pinnacles; arriving at Wik can feel like stepping into another world and another time when life moved at a calmer pace. At Wik, you can unwind from the stresses of daily life and find your focus in a calm, harmonious environment close to nature and the waters of Lake Mälar.