The Uppsala County Library

The Uppsala County Library is not a physical library but an organisation that is part of Culture and Education under the Uppsala County Administrative Board. The Library works to develop libraries in the county, for example through further training, counselling, and gathering intelligence. It supports and supplements the municipal libraries in order to provide an equal supply of information and literature to the county's residents, regardless of where they live. The organisation is part of the national library network, which is commissioned with making national and regional library policy a reality.

Its activities are funded by the county and the Swedish state. The needs of the municipal libraries, the administrative board's cultural strategies, and the Swedish Library Act form the foundation of the County Library's efforts. Every county library in Sweden has a host library that forms the basis for the county's joint literature and media supply. In Uppsala County, the host library is the Uppsala City Library.

The tasks of the Uppsala County Library are to:

  • pursue the development of skills and activities through further education for library staff in the county
  • initiate projects and stimulate the positive development of the county's library activities through counselling, intelligence gathering, and information
  • cooperate with other regional institutions and build networks on the local, regional, and national levels
  • support the county's libraries with supplementary supplies of media and information
  • spread knowledge of Uppland's cultural heritage and of literary Uppland.