The Cultural Department

The Cultural Department has regional responsibility for cultural issues. This involves cooperation with State bodies as well as municipalities, associations and societies, artists, institutions, and other organisations. The Department initiates and coordinates activities around the county. Its commission includes developing the cultural and artistic life of the county.

Cultural strategists, project managers for artistic design, and advisers for dance, film, theatre and the visual arts all work at the Department. Cultural strategists handle stipends and grants for independent cultural life. They are also responsible for "Culture in Health Care" and work on issues of strategic development – for example within the role of culture for social development, within culture and health, and within children and young people.

Public arts

The project managers for the arts, work with artistic designs of the administrative board's offices. Culture and Education supports the idea that art should be a part of the everyday life of the county residents. Art in public spaces is one way of displaying contemporary art in more places than art galleries, while giving it a larger audience. Art in health care facilities creates stimulating environments with new points of contact and subjects of conversation for patients, staff and visitors.

Culture in Health Care

Culture provides gleams of light in everyday life, creates valuable encounters and provides tools for reflection. Culture is not only a factor in keeping healthy; it is also a human right. Each and every one of us has the right to take part in cultural life, whether we are sick or healthy. That is why Culture and Education works for the presence of culture in health care. In cooperation with various entities, Culture and Education coordinates cultural programmes in several county health-care locations. All cultural programmes are free of charge and are directed at patients and their families as well as staff and visitors.

Co-ordinators for dance, film, theatre and art

Our dance co-ordinator promotes dance as an art form and as a form of expression, through projects and dance activities. The commission focuses on children and young people. The film commission comprises a film co-ordinator and a film educator. The film co-ordinator arranges courses and seminars and supports regional film production. The film educator works mainly in schools. The art co-ordinator promotes and develops the visual arts in the county. The theatre coordinator enables events in the county for children, young people and adults, by coordinating theatre and dance companies on tour. Also by economic support in tours and by collaboration with non-profit associations, municipalities and village halls. The theatre coordinator also arranges different kind of seminars and courses. All four areas are supported at regional and state level.