Culture and Education

Culture and Education, the county cultural administration, works with cultural and mass education issues county-wide. The Administration consists of four departments:

  • the Cultural Department
  • the Uppsala County Library
  • Wik Folk High School
  • Wik Castle


The Cultural Administration is governed by a politically appointed cultural committee that annually formulates commissions for the Administration. The county administrative board's cultural efforts are aimed at a rich, high-quality cultural life, culturally involved residents, and an attractive living environment.

Together with the Swedish state, the administrative board funds regional cultural institutions and advisory activities. The board is the funder and principal authority for Musik i Uppland and Upplandsmuseet, both of which are governed by foundations with their own boards of directors. Culture and Education also handles the administrative board's support for other organisations that work county-wide, such as study associations and youth organisations. Artists and cultural workers also get support in the form of grants and stipends. The work at Culture and Education is governed by the administrative board's general goals and cultural strategies.

Since 2013, Uppsala County is part of the cultural cooperation model, which means that the administrative board allocates State grants to regional cultural activities in the county. Culture and Education produces a regional culture plan that specifies efforts and priorities within the field of culture in cooperation with the county's municipalities, and in consultation with its cultural life. The cultural plan extends over several years and forms the basis for the Swedish Arts Council's decisions on State grants.