Get County Council health and medical care

The County Council is responsible for everyone getting the health and medical care they need. The County Council owns and operates two hospitals: Akademiska sjukhuset in Uppsala and Lasarettet in Enköping. The County Council also owns and operates a large number of health centres.

There are also private companies who can give health and medical care. If the private company has a contract with the County Council, you will pay the same amount of money as you would if you had visited County Council health and medical care.


You have the right to an interpreter


When you visit health or medical care facilities you have the right to use an interpreter into your own language. Say that you need and interpreter when you book your appointment.


Health centres are the first place to go


If you become ill then the health centre is usually the place to go. There are also child health centres there (often called "BVC") for children up to six and a midwifes' clinic (prenatal) for women who are expecting babies or who may need contraception.

Many different kinds of working groups can be found at the health centres.

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Physiotherapists
  • Medical-social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Dieticians


You can choose to belong to one special health centre


You can choose to belong to one special health centre or to go to one special doctor. This is called "being on the list". Being on the doctor's list does not cost any extra. It is a way for the health centre to know which doctor you will turn to when you are ill or have questions about your health. For example you may want to choose a health centre close to your home or your work. You can get on the list in different ways:

Contact an office called "husläkarkansliet" (GP Secretariat) on 018-611 52 00.Tell the people there about the health centre you wish to belong to.Online go to and set up an account. (The text on this website is in Swedish only).

You can choose whether to go on the list of a County Council health centre or of a privately-owned health centre.

You can get care at any health centre even if you are not listed there.

You are also able to choose which midwife you want to meet or which child health centre you would like to take your children to. You do this in the same way you choose your health centre.


Advice and appointments


Ring to the health centre when you are ill and want to book an appointment of if you have a question about your health.

They may send you to the hospital

The doctor at the health centre may think that you should see a specialist doctor at a hospital. The doctor will then refer you to the hospital. Then you will get a letter from the hospital, telling you the time of your appointment with the doctor or for your special examination.


Advice on treatment by telephone


1177 is the number of the Health Care Hotline. Ring 1177 for advice about medical care and treatment. A nurse will answer your questions. He or she will tell you what to do to feel better or if you should go to a health centre or go directly to the hospital accident and emergency department. 1177 never closes.

1177 also has a website,, where you can read about care and treatment, illnesses and matters to do with children and families. Many of the pages have been translated into other languages. is owned by all the county councils and regions in Sweden together. You can be sure that the information on the site has been checked by experts.