Your journey can be paid for

If it costs you money to travel to your medical or dental appointments, sometimes the County Council will pay your expenses. You always pay part of the cost yourself; this part is called your personal contribution (egenavgift in Swedish). For travel by bus or train you can be paid for the entire cost.


The County Council only pays for travel by the cheapest form of transport.


Public transport

If you travel by public transport, buy a ticket and save it. Electronic tickets cannot be used. At the clinic you are visiting, ask for a form (sjukresor blankett) to fill in.

Travel by special medical care bus

If you travel by special, medical care bus you must book the bus at the earliest 14 days and at the latest one day before your appointment. Ring to the County Council Booking Centre on 0771-99 90 00. Show the letter telling you about your appointment when you get on the special bus.

Travel by taxi

You must get a certificate from your doctor or nurse in order to travel to your medical appointment by taxi. Contact the clinic or hospital department you are going to visit to get the certificate.

If you suddenly become ill

If you suddenly become ill you can order a taxi to take you to the hospital. Order the taxi through the County Council Booking Centre on 0771-99 90 00. The County Council Booking Centre never closes. You must always pay a personal contribution when you travel by taxi.