Where to go?

You can choose which dental clinic you go to. You can also choose the dentist or dental hygienist who treats you. The County Council clinics are called Folktandvården (National Health Dental Care) but you can also choose to go to a private clinic.


National Health Dental Care (Folktandvården)


Here there is general dental care, specialist care and hospital dental care. For both children and adults. At these clinics there are dentists, dental hygienists, dental nurses and sometimes even specialists. You meet the person who can give you the care you need.


On the Folktandvården website you can:


book and change appointments contact the clinics list your child at a clinic ("listing" means choosing the clinic your child will belong to).Read about a system called Frisktandvård which means dental care at fixed prices.Download the price list.Order copies of dental records.

Folktandvården website